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Mentor Role Description and Application

A mentor/mentee relationship is a collaborative learning partnership in which learning flows freely in both directions. Mentors serve as advisers, educators, role models, and leaders who give back to others within Apra-NW by contributing their knowledge and skills. Mentoring relationships are created to support the personal and professional growth of our members and assist them with their professional development goals. Mentors provide coaching, feedback, and challenging assignments to directly support the mentee's professional development. Mentors build a strong mentor/mentee relationship through listening, guidance, advice, teaching, and professional support.

Mentor application

Time commitment: A minimum of one hour of contact (either in person or by phone) every other week


  • Meet with mentee on regular basis to establish a working relationship and to support mentee in professional development goals
  • Be willing to meet at least once in person at beginning of mentor/mentee relationship
  • Assist mentee in solving work-related challenges
  • Provide support and guidance, as well as positive and constructive feedback to the mentee
  • Be transparent and willing to share your experiences, information, and social capital with your mentee as needed
  • Maintain confidentiality of information with the mentee
  • Current member of Apra-NW
  • Sincere desire to be personally involved with another person to help them achieve professional development goals
  • Ability to communicate openly and nonjudgmentally
  • Strong active listener
  • Ability to establish a relationship based on equal responsibility and respect
  • Practical problem-solving skills with the ability to suggest options and alternatives


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