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Book in Common “Four Thousand Weeks"

  • 22 Feb 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom


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"Four Thousand Weeks"

Join us for our next Book-in-Common event where we will be discussin Oliver Burkeman's "Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals"

Date: Thursday, February 22

Time: 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Nobody needs telling there isn’t enough time. We’re obsessed with our lengthening to-do lists, our overfilled inboxes, work-life balance, and the ceaseless battle against distraction; and we’re deluged with advice on becoming more productive and efficient, and “life hacks” to optimize our days. But such techniques often end up making things worse. The sense of anxious hurry grows more intense, and still the most meaningful parts of life seem to lie just beyond the horizon. Still, we rarely make the connection between our daily struggles with time and the ultimate time management problem: the challenge of how best to use our four thousand weeks.

Drawing on the insights of both ancient and contemporary philosophers, psychologists, and spiritual teachers, Oliver Burkeman delivers an entertaining, humorous, practical, and ultimately profound guide to time and time management. Rejecting the futile modern fixation on “getting everything done,” Four Thousand Weeks introduces readers to tools for constructing a meaningful life by embracing finitude, showing how many of the unhelpful ways we’ve come to think about time aren’t inescapable, unchanging truths, but choices we’ve made as individuals and as a society—and that we could do things differently.

For this event, we are pleased to offer Apra-NW members a complimentary copy of the book for those who require access. Please email by January 1, 2024 for your copy. Please include your full name and mailing address where you wish to receive your book.  

After registration you will receive a Zoom link. To encourage an open dialogue with all participants we ask that you try your best to utilize both the video and audio capabilities of Zoom so that we can interact with each other face to face.

Please email Megan Tedeschi ( with any questions.



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