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AGN: Working with Underrepresented Alumni & Donors

05 Aug 2020 12:00 PM | Mackenzie Wipf (Administrator)

As conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion remain top of mind in America, addressing these issues has become increasingly important for school advancement programs. Organizational leaders need to prepare their staff and volunteers to work effectively, while remaining sensitive to the realities faced by underrepresented alumni and donors. To explore this issue, Dan Allenby led a discussion with Peter Hayashida (UC Riverside), Brooke Hendrickson (UC Berkeley), and Brian Thomas (Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School - MICDS).


  • Perspectives for understanding experiences of underrepresented students and alumni
  • Guidelines for appreciating how negative experiences can influence one’s interest in being engaged and giving back
  • Tips for talking with underrepresented alumni and donors and responding to their concerns
  • Methods for structuring advancement programs in a way that keep these groups engaged and supportive
  • And more!


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